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briantongdesserts was inspired by Brian Tong in 2019 during his trip to Hong Kong upon a visit to the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel for traditional English afternoon tea. The perfect marriage of fresh scones, paired with English clotted cream and jam, and live string instruments led Brian to recreate this decadent and elegant experience within his own home.



madeleine (traditional)
$3.50 (2 pc.)

madeleine (specialty flavour)
choose flavour:
lavender / lemon
$4.00 (2 pc.)

English scone
$5 (3 pc.)
$7.50 (5 pc.)

gift bags

madeleine gift bag
8 traditional madeleines

gift boxes

madeleine box set
8 traditional madeleines
8 specialty flavour madeleines (choose two)

cookie box set
8 pc cigarettes russes
8 pc langue de chat chocolate sandwiches
8 pc traditional sable cookies